Laminate Flooring is manufactured product that resembles the look of hardwood, laminate tile, natural stone and many other types of flooring. The choices are endless and it has been a very popular choice for homeowners and growing! Below are just a few reasons to consider if Laminate Flooring is right for you.

  • Durable
  • Cost Effective
  • Superior Stain/Fade Resistant
  • Low Maintenance

In fact, many of today’s laminate styles consist of extremely authentic wood or natural stone visuals to accommodate any room in your home. Laminate is well suited to those shoppers who want the look of real hardwood or stone but without the cost or maintenance that can be associated with natural products. It’s a fact. Laminate flooring costs significantly less than hardwood floors or natural stone tile. And who doesn’t want to save money, right?

So, laminate seems to be popular among buyers who are looking for a beautiful, durable, yet cost-effective flooring solution for their home. And laminate floors function well in any space with their many different styles and colors. You can choose from natural colors and dark wood grains as well as warm or cool color tones to compliment any room décor in your home. And if the “plank” look interests you, many hardwood plank designs are offered in laminate, including rare, exotic wood species.

Laminate stone and tile patterns will give you the elegant look of tile, but without the concerns of grout cleaning or cracking tile. Something you might want to consider. And if yours is a busy household or a home with children, a durable, low maintenance product like laminate flooring is a great choice for your active lifestyle.
Because laminate flooring is stain resistant, it doesn’t need to be varnished or waxed. Hooray! Laminate floors are also less likely to fade in direct sunlight, unlike aging hardwood floors. And don’t sweat it if you feel a little unfamiliar with this product. Laminate floors are relatively new to this country, but have been used in Europe for more than 25 years. Why Europe you ask? Since laminate flooring can be installed over many types of existing floors it has made it a natural for old European buildings.

But more and more Americans are becoming familiar with laminate flooring because they have been aware of laminate countertops for years. By using the countertop technology and adding considerably more resin to the wear layer, some laminate floor manufacturers boast that their laminate floors are now 10 to 20 times harder than laminate countertops.

Since this resin filled wear layer is so dense, it becomes extremely difficult to stain or scratch. And here’s something you might find interesting. Laminate floors are never secured directly to the subfloor, instead they are floated over the subfloor. This allows laminate flooring to be used over a wide variety of subfloors, including wooden subfloors, existing floors and even concrete slabs..

Great impact and indentation resistance . Exceptional realism at affordable costs . Easy to replace later on, if desired. Please call to schedule a FREE in home consultation!